• Aug 4
    Out Now: USF Oasism + Interactive Oasism Game

    USF have a new EP out entitled Oasism — you can purchase all six tracks via Bandcamp. In an effort to do things differently when it comes to releasing music, USF teamed up with independent game developer Dan Miller to create an interactive world based on the album’s artwork (also designed by Dan Miller). Needless to say, we strongly encourage you to enter the desert and check it out/explore. In addition, you can read an interview with USF at Impose which is running now. See more of Dan Miller’s work via his webpage here.

    USF Oasism
    CER026 – Released July 31, 2015
    Digital Only

    Release Notes:

    Written by Jason Baxter & Kyle Hargus
    Recored & Mixed by USF in Seattle, WA
    Masted by Matthew Tammariello in Oakland, CA
    Artwork by Dan Miller, layout by USF & Ceremony


    1. Spires
    2. Unknown
    3. Brain Coral
    4. Last Boat Back
    5. Then Color
    6. Datamoshing