Wedding Photography Tools to Take Note of When Looking for a Photographer

Whether it is for a general photography need or wedding photography, a photographer must be equipped with specific tools to deliver good outputs and to please their clients. In this article, you’ll learn what those tools are, and hopefully, they will help you when selecting what agency to go for. Wedding photography in Sydney is also a big deal, so if you’re a couple that is looking to have the best ceremony of their lifetime, then it’s best to take this seriously.

Macro lenses

A macro lens can do so many things, especially for showcasing a wedding and also subjects. They are the ideal lens to use for focusing on smaller details such as the rings and also for showing off wedding dresses. Aside from that, macro lenses are also excellent for wedding photographers in Sydney when it comes to capturing portraits.

Backup lens

Wedding photographers tend to have backup lenses, but it’s still important to emphasize this because you’ll have a hard time if you’re dealing with a photographer without one. Accidents and unfortunate situations are unavoidable, so it’s better to do something that could help out with the outcome. It also means a lot if the agency that you’re in contract with has backup lenses since it means that they’re taking it seriously, and they want their clients to have the best time of their life.


Wedding photography in Sydney is hard without reflectors, and even if it isn’t a fit for the venue, it’s still important to have one as they can be handy in some cases. Reflectors are also effective light benders, especially when it comes to highlighting someone’s face or making a subject stand out of its own. Reflectors aren’t that much of an expense, so you’ll see most agencies invest in them as they produce good results.

External flash

Built-in flashes from cameras are good and common, but external flashes are often neglected by a lot of photographers because they think that what their cameras have is enough. You’ll never know when you need one, so it’s a lot better to look for a photographer that has at least one external flash.

Backup camera

Wedding photography in Sydney isn’t a rare practice, but most photographers are still doing it without a spare camera. While it’s not entirely needed that much, a backup camera acts as insurance and to make any event successful and go off without a hitch.

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The Best Free VST Plugin Websites You Must Check Out

VSTs or virtual studio technology are plugins used by music producers and sound engineers to produce the desired output. Thousands of these are currently existing, and they can be created by almost anyone that has enough knowledge of how to code them. That said, there are also a ton of free created ones that are uploaded on the internet. Many music producers out there are not aware of most of them, and in today’s Blogspot, we want to give you the best list of free VST plugin websites.

VST Planet

From synths, drums to pianos, you can find tons of free VSTs here for any genre. VST Planet has been around for long, and a lot of producers treat this as their go-to VST download site if they need something new to spice up their creations. The website also provides demos of different sorts from video to audio to easily use them after downloading without any errors.

KVR Audio

KVR Audio has been around for years and is already a well-known outlet for aspiring music producers seeking free VSTs. Aside from free plugins, they are also known for publishing paid ones that are of high-quality. Whatever plugins you choose from them, it is guaranteed that they will aid you with your music production career.

Shuttle Plugs

Shuttle Plugs is quite a small website, but it has enough library to make it through our list. It contains tons of freeware and is mostly made of synths that create unique sounding sounds that genuinely many music producers are asking for. Downloading from Shuttle Plugs is free, so you don’t need to spend money; perfect for beginners.


VST4Free is also a well-known VST platform recommended mostly for starting music producers who don’t want to dish out a large sum of money at the start of their music production career. It is an extensive library, so you definitely would need some time to explore it. However, each VSTs are categorized in a very intuitive, so finding what you want is very easy. VST4Free has also implemented a search feature so that you can quickly go towards the VSTs you are most interested in.

VSTs are essential for a music production career. They are the ingredients you need if you’re running popular digital audio workstations or DAWs like FL Studio, Logic, Ableton, Reaper, or Cubase. With this free VST database, we hope you have enough to kick start your music production career.

What Does it Take to Become a Music Producer?

Nowadays, music production is closely grouped with technology, mainly because music producers nowadays rely on computers to finish and publish their products. Learning music and making music are two different things, but the latter will significantly help you if the former is your goal. If you’re still interested in becoming a music producer, hang on with us as we explain what it takes to become one.

Instruments Knowledge

Music production has different elements, and aside from voice and percussion, instruments are crucial to creating good music. While you can learn instruments along the way while producing music, it is still far better to know different instruments before starting music production. Having a general understanding of piano alone is more than enough, but having more than one mastery is even better and would significantly advance your music production career.

Technology Familiarity

Since every aspect of music production is now closely associated with technology, it is just fair that you should have minimal to average technology familiarity. You don’t have to be savvy in any way because one way or another, you’ll learn how to control your computer and virtual instruments while you’re also advancing your music career.

Ear Training

To produce good sounding songs and music pieces, you should also have an excellent musical ear that you can use to quickly determine notes and chords to have a faster music creation process. Ear training can also occur while you’re already committed to music production, and it isn’t in any way a prerequisite. To put it simply, ear training could give you many advantages in your music production career, so it is better to have succeeded in this training long before entering one.


Lastly, creativity is something that would dictate your success in the music production field. Since everyone nowadays aims to stand out from the rest, you must also do your best to differ from the others. Creativity is your primary weapon to do this, and we believe that everyone is capable of being creative; however, it takes some time to put this into practice.

Having creativity alone is not enough, but you must also implement it into your works flawlessly. Training yourself to be creative can take some time, so try to be patient as always.

With all these factors said, you might have already guessed that the path to a music production career is difficult. There are also financial concerns since, at the very start, equipment and software used to make modern music costs a lot of money. However, if you persevered and discovered how to harness creativity, you can quickly become an unstoppable force.

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