• Apr 3
    Bam Spacey ‘Vi delar samma grav’ Digital Single Available Now

    CER006, and Bam Spacey’s Ceremony debut, is available today!

    ‘Vi delar samma grav’ is out as a digital single featuring the title track packed with an additional song and two remixes – one to party and another to recover. Head over to the Ceremony store to pick up the download (only $3.96!) and check out the tracklist plus some links below.

    ‘It’s all gently surreal, making the best sounds out of sunsets, with fleeting vocals and steady percussion, like a gang of the Natural History Museum’s night janitors were drumming on the fossilized spine of some ancient whale.’The FADER

    ‘While Bam Spacey’s woodblock percussion hints at the Mediterranean atmosphere that has so enveloped the Swedish pop landscape in recent years, “Vi Delar Samma Grav’s” melancholic synths could never recall any sun-drenched Ibiza resort.’International Tapes

    Vi delar samma grav (CER006)
    A1. Vi delar samma grav
    A2. Vi delar samma grav (Sunday Mix)
    B1. Ström
    B2. Ström (Saturday Mix)

    Up next from Bam Spacey is the Land EP out May 22.