• Feb 12
    Prism House “Reflections” EP arrives March 5; Hear/Download first single “Someone Save Me” via XLR8R

    An up and coming project that we’ve been working with closely here in New York goes by the name Prism House. Read more about the group on their newly minted artist page here. We’re excited to announce the debut proper coming out in the form of an EP entitled Reflections on March 5th, digitally.

    Prism House continus to bend the rules of what we’d like to think a track could and should sound like and that is perfectly exemplified on the EP’s five tracks. Stay tuned for a shows coming up including an album release party at Cameo Gallery in Brooklyn on March 6.

    Check out the album’s first single “Someone Save Me” available now for free download on XLR8R and Soundcloud.

    Prism House
    Reflections EP

    1. Need You (Part 1)
    2. Someone Save Me
    3. Need You (Part 2)
    4. In A Cage
    5. My Love