• Jul 30
    Out Today: Bam Spacey “River”

    CER015 Bam Spacey “River” is out worldwide today — feel free to pick up the digital at iTunes and Beatport. We’ll be sharing the remixes later today, in the meantime Societe Perrier premiered the b-side from the release “Gryning” which can be streamed here and on our Soundcloud page.

    Bam Spacey – “River”

    Released July 30, 2013
    Digital Only

    Release Notes:
    Artwork & Design by Magnus Johansson, Pietu Arvola, Ceremony
    Recorded & Produced by Magnus Johansson in Malmö, Sweden

    River (Glenn Jackson Remix)
    River (Cocaine Cool Edit)

    Purchase at iTunes, Amazon, Beatport