• Jul 6
    Bam Spacey happenings: Electronic Beats mix & New interview/feature

    While we prepare a post-midsommar release with Bam Spacey (remix? single? video? no clue) we thought we’d take a moment and catch everyone up on some recent internet happenings on the Bam Spacey side.

    That includes a brilliant mix recently put together (exclusively) for Electronic Beats Online in Germany. And just this week Bam Spacey sat down with our friend in Ireland at Bitzl R for a quick interview covering Bam’s influences both past and present all culminating in a really nice read on the man behind Land.

    Speaking of Land. The EP is very much available on all outlets where fine music is sold, and if you drop by the Ceremony store be sure to grab a dreamy 12″ from the limited run of 300 vinyl pressed.

    Have some fun in the sun this weekend where ever you are, we’ll be back shortly.