• Aug 30
    Albert Swarm “Discovery” Feature up now at Interview Magazine; “Wake” is out next week

    It’s true, Albert Swarm doesn’t do interviews very often. It’s not because he’s candid, it’s because Skype doesn’t work so well in Finland (bad joke). Thankfully, for his most recent chat with Interview Magazine everything went well and Pietu Arvola talked about his upcoming Wake release, moving to Helsinki, his time in NYC, reindeer, and remixes. All together a really wonderful read with a producer that isn’t intentionally shrouded in mystery, he’s still just getting around. We have plenty of “favorite quotes” from this piece, perhaps one day we’ll share them.

    And yes, Wake is out next week – September 4! We’ve got the release information up on Albert Swarm’s artist page and a simple pre-order is now up and running in the Ceremony Store.
    Wake will ship on or around September 5 – limited run of 300 vinyls.