• Mar 9
    Albert Swarm curates the 15th installment of Friends of Friend’s Mix Series

    We’re a little late to this post, so sorry! But we have a lot of news to share about current Albert Swarm happenings and some releases coming up in just a few weeks. First things first: Albert Swarm was selected to put together the 15th installment of Friends of Friend’s extremely solid mix series. The LA imprint has it streaming up on their Soundcloud now, have a listen and enjoy. Track list is just below, and if you have not listened to Avasaxa yet, well, you really need to!

    And just to shed some light on things coming up from Ceremony, we’re going to have a very busy spring and summer. In just a few weeks we’ll have new material from our newest signing Bam Spacey in the form of a single. Soon after that look out for his debut EP sometime in May — around this time there should also be new material surfacing from Albert Swarm. He’s currently in Georgia (the country!) shooting a video for a song off the new album, we wish him luck. That’s about it, more soon!

    Friends Of Friend Mix Series #15 – Albert Swarm Tracklist

    Moondog – Two Quotations in Dialogue
    Sunso Onda – Barani Ballout (demo)
    Blackbird Blackbird – Calypso
    Albert Swarm – Aging Out (Bam Spacey Remix)
    Avasaxa – Valis
    Mira Calix – Sandsings (Remixed by Boards Of Canada)
    Grimes – Genesis (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)
    Úlfur – Black Shore
    Oneothrix Point Never – Power Of Persuasion
    Albert Swarm – Recurring Dream (Alternate Edit)
    Kuedo – Vectoral
    Bowery Electric – Without Stopping
    Moondog – All Is Loneliness
    Radio Dream I (excerpt)