USF is an ongoing collaboration between longtime friends and Seattle natives Jason Baxter and Kyle Hargus. Their latest EP, OASISM, sees the duo continuing to hone a sound that finds them navigating a variety of hypnotic soundscapes that call no particular genre home. Since their inception in 2008, USF have continued to push the envelope over the course of four EPs and a seminal debut full-length Ocean Sunbirds. USF’s Ceremony debut, 2014’s SIMISM, saw the band move towards a more focused, beat driven direction with various cinematic moods interlaced throughout.

OASISM represents the next leg of their sonic voyage — bringing together six tracks using a vibrant palette of drum machines, synths, and instrumentation — all coalescing to create a feeling of escape. There’s a sense of a journey throughout, where “Brain Coral” and “Datamoshing” take you to a heightened sense of hopefulness, and tracks such as “Then Color” bring things back down to the surface for something more raw and energized, like a muscle car cutting through the night as it barrels across a moonlit desert. To crystallize the EP’s widescreen, escapist vibe, the band have worked closely with animator Dan Miller and Ceremony to develop a virtual vista where visitors can take in the EP’s music while wandering a pixelated art desert landscape.