Suffolk, UK production trio The Soft are uncanny shape shifters. Where a track might start at pop it quickly changes to a 4×4 beat or wander off into future based ambience — best exemplified by the stark contrast between tracks “Mori” and the four tracks that make up The Soft’s label debut Uncanny Valley EP. At its earliest stages The Soft’s music is delicately hatched inside a bedroom, but when considering the given environment you are in when hearing The Soft the mood can suddenly change. It’s not to say you are without control or maybe it is. Either way, it’s a good headspace to be in.

Perfectly suited for headphone listening as much as being played out on the dance floor, The Soft elegantly bend the confines of a given genre in order to have the ability to jump from place to place without missing a step. And therein lies the trick or even the prestige – there are layers here laid one on top of the other triggered to change upon a predisposed mood and/or setting. Be it a train ride into the city, a dimly lit room, or the walk home from a metro stop late a night where it’s only you, the sounds of footsteps hitting pavement, and music guiding your way.



The Soft