Dan Casey is the solo project of, well, Dan Casey, a Berkeley-based songwriter and producer who will release the debut album under his given name this fall via Ceremony Recordings.

Originally introduced under the pseudonym of “Steezy Ray Vibes,” Dan Casey’s project was launched in spring of 2012 as an alternate musical outlet from Yalls, Casey’s longtime alias for his electronic beatwork. Based much more in traditional strong structure than the electronic experiments of Yalls, Dan Casey’s music takes a mellower, sun-dipped approach to land on its handmade pop. Performed, recorded, and produced entirely by Casey himself, Empty City is an album awash with haze, coating wistful guitar strums, patient melodies, and Casey’s own calmly confident vocals with cast in foggy lining befitting the man’s Bay Area home. The nine-track debut album is a cozy listen, and one that provides a rather personal introduction to the bummed-out, yet hopeful themes Casey is keen to explore with a host of tasteful hooks by his side.


Dan Casey