Braxton/Palmer comes from an unlikely place. It might even be the last place you’d expect to find someone like producer/DJ Sonny Thomas with Olympia, Washington being the home of K Records, the beginnings of Sleater-Kinney & Bikini Kill, and the place where Kurt Cobain wrote significant parts of Nevermind. But in today’s hyper-paced, digital age sound travels like never before and with an already fledgling dance scene growing in the Pacific Northwest, namely Seattle, enters Braxton/Palmer.

After moving west from Ohio, Thomas became enamored in 80’s new wave and synth pop which led to his eventual discovery of house, techno, juke, and acid — all sounds that eventually structured the make up of Braxton/Palmer. Initially started as a production project in Olympia around 2011, Sonny Thomas hatched Braxton/Palmer with the intent on contributing to the rapidly escalating electronic dance community in the south Puget Sound. Since then, the Braxton/Palmer Soundcloud page has been steadily updated with an impressive selection of emotionally driven house cuts firmly set in the midnight hours and neon soaked, DIY warehouse nights that are a staple of UK dance culture and rapidly popping up across America today.

Ceremony’s first offering from Braxton/Palmer is the release of single “Creeper (Part I)” and it’s companion track “Creeper (Part II)”. Two cuts steeped in late 80s house, while also indebted to 90s r’n’b, that perfectly introduces Braxton/Palmer worldwide while at the same time capturing those early feelings we felt when initially hearing the project: dance music with a rough air about it and soul at its core.