Ano is a new EP by Bereen Ondo, an artist and producer based in Finland. Five tracks recorded in Helsinki and in a forest cabin outside Rovaniemi — the “gate” to the Finnish Lapland — using a Minimoog, modular synth, drums, guitar and field recordings. The artwork features a man with empty white eyes moving downwards, from light to dark, to a fate only known to him. The music matches these tonal shifts with post punk and industrial electronic touches steering the EP towards the edge of the world.

Sparse at its core, Bereen Ondo explores the spaces he creates with eerie precision as tracks that translate to “A Total Stranger” (“Ventovieras”) and “Cold Comfort” (“Laiha lohtu”) set the mood effectively while the closing track features Ano’s only vocal in the form of the producer’s father reciting his poem “Elämään väsyneen surullisen naisen saaga”.


Bereen Ondo