Not much is known about Albert Swarm, but we do know he is from a small town somewhere in the north of Finland. After a chance meeting in the Netherlands in 2009, Ceremony was able to spend some more time with Albert Swarm when he relocated to Brooklyn two years later. During that time, his debut Held EP was produced mainly in the bedroom using instruments he had packed in a carry-on travel bag. Albert Swarm’s follow up Wake soon followed. Leaving behind the slower steps of Held in favor of darker, more mediative album lurking somewhere in the back of a Berlin nightclub.

Despite being an artist always on the move, Albert Swarm’s productions have a very clear sense of home. They’re warm pieces of music. Woven together using a variety of samples and vocals sounding off in the distance.

But being an artist on the move does mean a constant change of theme. Over the course two releases we’ve seen some parts of Albert Swarm, yet we’re always curious to hear what’s next.


Albert Swarm